Friday, 6 January 2012

that didn't quite work out

Wednesday was meant to be my first crafty day of the new year (as I stated in my previous post) but that didn't quite work out. I ended up spending the day doing, well, lots of other little things that I can't even remember now, and as for yesterday, that seemed to disappear too, although I did make an inspiration wall and work on my twisted butterflies for a bit so I suppose that counts - doesn't it?

But today, today is the day when I have finally sat down and got stuck into mod podge. I'd never heard of the stuff, but at the end of last year, I found a really nice tutorial on pinterest for making 3D lace hearts which really appealed. So out I went and bought all the things I'd need (thankyou Hobbycraft and ebay as ever) ... and then wonkies took over my world and everything else got shelved ... until now... here goes ...

(if I ever manage to work my blogger app on my phone properly I'll post a pic)

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  1. I had a look at that lace heart tutorial - they look great - can't wait to see what you make! Photos please!